Versioning of documents

Documents often go through several stages during and after their creation: they are revised, corrected, supplemented, adjusted and commented on. In order not to lose track of all the different processing steps, openforms 5 has version management for most document types.

When you create a new document, one version is automatically available. All contents of a document are saved in the version. You can create multiple versions for most document types. You can find all versions of a document in the edit content area under the versions tab.

The table contains the following information:

  • the version number (NO.)
    The version created first always has the number 1. This is followed by the version with version number 2 etc. Each number is only assigned once. Numbers fromdeleted versions will also not be used again in the future. So if version 4 is followed by version 7, it can be assumed that versions 5 to 6 have been deleted.

  • the creation date (CREATED)
    timestamp for the time of creation.

  • last modification date (MODIFIED)
    timestamp for the time of last modification.

  • user who made the last modification (MODIFIED BY)
    username of the user who made the last modifications.

  • status (STATUS)
    status of the version(see Version status)

When used correctly, versioning creates transparency about all changes and processing steps of a document. It thus simplifies joint processing by different users and also enables clear archiving of old versions.