Version status

Versions can have different version statuses . These are:

  1. in preview
    The document version can be edited in the backend. It can be viewed in the
    openforms preview (Preview tab).

  2. in progress
    The document version can be edited in the backend. It can be accessed from both
    the openforms preview and the preview server.

  3. in production
    The document version is accessible from the production server, in preview, and from the preview server.
    If the openforms installation has four-eyes approval, a version that has been put into production can no longer be edited in the backend, but only archived. If changes are to be made, a duplicate of the productive one must be created as a new version and the changes made in it.

  4. (archived)
    archived versions can no longer be edited or acessed.

The status of a version can be set in the version table of the document in the STATUS column. The latest version (i.e. the one with the highest version number) with status in production is shown on the production server. If there is no version with a higher version number in the in progress status, then the productive version is also displayed on the preview server, otherwise the version can be seen there in the in progress status.

The Preview tab allows you to preview the version selected in the table, regardless of its position in the table or its status.