User roles and rights

Openforms offers a very broad /wiki/spaces/O5/pages/13893832.. An overview of all user types and roles will follow for clarification.Generally we can distinguish between two groups of users employing openforms.

Users that open a form or a page from the Internet or Intranet. They can be further divided into two categories:

    1. The known user (i.e. Logged-in; regular costumer). The known user can also access restricted documents.
    2. The unknown user, i.e. all users that retrieve content via their browser.

Users that register via the Admin-Frontend of openforms. These users can be divided into the following categories:

    1. Administrator
      The administrator is responsible for the general system setup and has all rights. The administrator’s typical tasks include:
      1. Configuration of Sites
      2. Configuration of preview and export hubs.  
      3. Compling user groups and site administrators.
      4. Setting stylesheets
      5. etc.
    2. Site-Administrator
       The site-administrator is responsible for everything surrounding his site. He may add users for this area and distribute rights that he himself holds. Some configurations on site level are also accessible to the site-administrator; they are however not accessible to the editor.  

  • (Warnung) Generally all rights given to a user are dependent upon the group(s) the he/she is a part of. This apllies to both user types described above, though the different roles described previously are not fixedly stored in openforms. Some standard groups will be present after installation however the recommended groups ‘admin’, ‘site-admin’ and ‘editor’ first have to be created and configured. 
  • (Warnung) Furthermore every content element or document in the structure tree can be configured via an authorization matrix. It is thereby determined who can access a document from the outside, in restricted sections or openly. Aditionally the site can be made accessible for certain user groups by the editors.

The setup of groups, users and rights is specified in the chapter  Benutzer und Gruppen verwalten.