Transactions and processes

Beside the common funcitons of forms and polls, transaction pages may also be used for form links. All interactions with other systems are configured on transaction pages.

The transactions listed below are typical Use Cases. All types of interfaces linking to different systems can be realized in a project specific manner.

  • Generate PDF documents  (The PDF can be equipped and generated with data from the form dynamically, e.g. as a contract) This requires an external system for the generation of PDF dcuments (e.g. PDFLib)
  • Sending E-Mails Openform can send e-mails at configurable times within the process. The e-mails can be sent with static or dynamic texts and attachments (e.g.PDF, summaries)
  • Further Transactions If a data interface for the transfer of order data has been implemented, the saturated data can be delivered to an interface in the desired form.
  • Order Release. If an interface has been implemented for verification, a release can be requested, i.e. in a TAN process.
  • Address Completion If an interface to a corresponding system has been implemented, the completion aid can be realized in this form.

For more information of how transaction pages are created and configured go to: Transaction Page