Form / Survey data

When completing a form, the data entered by the user are assigned to the correspondng form element. This data can be accessed in conditions and it can be saved for analysis. In special paragraphs (such as data summary) the data that has been entered thus far can be displayed to the user at the end of the tab.  


Addressing Replies

In conditions a reply can either be adressed via a paragraph ID (if defined) or via the designation. In contrast to the designation, the paragraph ID is not visible to the user. Paragraph IDs may be short and concise, which can be an advantage for more complex processes. If the designation Name is used for a certain element, the expression %%name%% provides the entered value in a continuous text.  Transactions and computation are special cases.

In Results and Summaries the answers are listed in the designation.

Ambiguous Identifiers

Often the same identifiers are used for different questions, e.g. when a person's contact data is inquired. If we assume the corresponding boxes are contained in two question groups (person 1 and person 2), the name entered by the first person can be accessed via  person1.Name. If only Name has been set as a condition, it is not defined which answer is used. 

In general the structure of a path looks as follows:



Special Characteristics

Pre-initialized Values

The data defined in Questionnaire > Global Values  are automatically added to responses upon being retrieved.  

Pre-defined Values

trackingIDValue of the retrieval parameter trackingID


Clear value for customer communication


Depending on the project other preliminarily defined values can be accessed.


Appears in Summary

For each formfield/each questionnaire page the option appears in summary can be selected. Only when this option is selected does the answer to this element appear in the summary.

Deleting Results while Skipping

 (Property of the Questionnaire Page)

If an already completed page that was only displayed conditionally is skipped (user goes back, changes the condition and carries on) the data that has already been enetered will be deleted provided that this option has been activated. Otherwise both values will be saved.