Edit content


The content mode (see also edit forms) allows the real editorial work, the creation of a form, poll or process, to take place. In this mode paragraphs can be added, sections can be configured, conditions can be set, images can be added etc.

At this point we will merely deal with the basic menu options. The actual content will be dealt with in another section and will be divided into three categories:

(below the global page navigation) 
  • Bookmarks


  • Last Viewed

  • Title

  • Location

Grants the user the opportunity of marking documents, which allows him to access them directly via the dropdown

Last Viewed:  
The possibility to directly access a document that was recently viewed.

Document title.

Shows the location of the selected document.


Adds the selected document to a list of favorites

Arrow Keys

  • up
    change to higher document within the structure
  • left/ right
    Change to documents on the same level (i.e. from page 1 to page 2 of the same form)
Structure Tree
(to the left side of the screen) 


Search field for the search of documents within the page structure

Structure Tree
The page structure is depicted in miniature format here in order to facilitate navigation between documents
Seitenstruktur bearbeiten

By clicking on this button the mode will automatiacally be changed to ‚edit page structure‘ (see above)