Edit structure


The edit structure shows the site’s structure and hierarchical nesting.

It serves the establishment of a document-based structure tree  (see Document Based). If, e.g., new language versions, forms or pages need to be added, moved or deleted, these operations occur within the edit mode.

Details regarding the documents as well as content occur using the Edit mode (edit content) (also see edit content).

Top NavigationIn the top navigation the user may switch between three different modes.
  • Bookmarks


  • Last Viewed

  • Search

Grants the user the opportunity of marking documents, which allows him to access them directly via the dropdown.

Last Viewed:  
The possibility to directly access a document that was recently viewed.

Searches the structure tree for a specific document name.

Tree Structure Allows the user to view the network of documents by unfolding and folding away different sections. A document can be selected by clicking on it.

New Document

  • Create
  • From Template
  • Create
    Opens the wizard in order to add a document in the selected section.
  • From Template
    Opens the wizard in order to select a template and inserts a template from the template folder.
  • XML Import /Export

  • Arrows

  • Duplicate
  • Bin

XML Import /Export
Allows the user to import/export the selected content from the database.
NOTE: Importing is not possible on all levels 

The arrows allow you to move the document within the tree

By clicking on the icon the selected element will be duplicated.

By clicking on the icon the selected element will be deleted.


Adds the selected document to the bookmarks .


The status shows the state that the document is currently in (in progress, published, etc.)

= in progress

= completed

= in produktion (published)

= in produktion (inherited)

= signals that this document is limited to one or several user groups.

Document Type
This column specifies the type of document. (See Dokumenttypen)
Created and Changed
Specifies the date and time when the document was created or the document was last changed


Moving Content

When a selected document is to be moved, one must first click the arrow symbol. Hereafter the blue lines will show, where the document cann be inserted (as the document type must match the structural level). By clicking one of the lines, the document is moved to the according location. The moving of the document can be cancelled by clicking the blue X that is shown below.